The merits of franchising include the opportunity to grow your business using external sources of capital as well as the reality that franchise owner-operators tend to have a great deal more drive and dedication than employed managers. And the potential to attract capital for a successful franchise chain and for individual franchisees is well documented. For the individual franchisee, buying a franchise is often the fulfilment of a lifelong dream to become an independent business owner and prominent member of his or her community.   

A business that has the potential to be offered as a franchise opportunity generally has the following characteristics: It is established and successful, it offers the potential franchise buyer a real value-added proposition, the operating fundamentals are relatively straightforward and it can provide a reasonable return to a potential franchisee.

Over the years, Davier has assisted all types of businesses, from SME (small and medium sized enterprises) to large retailers to service providers, to understand the merits and pitfalls of Franchising. We have guided them through the many steps required to become a successful Franchise System.

The following articles provide a more in-depth view of franchising. 


Can Your Business Be Franchised?

How to Franchise Your Business

We can assist you on a specific project basis to expand you existing franchise network or do a comprehensive analysis to advise you of your franchise suitability and readiness and, as required, help you to cost-effectively navigate and implement the steps for your business to become a successful franchise system. 

Should You Convert Your Business to a Franchise



These are very large businesses and we acted as Consultant to their Canadian operations:

  • One of the largest Fast Food franchisor in the world. Davier was their exclusive franchise recruitment firm in the province of Quebec
  • Multinational Beauty industry vertically integrated retail chain. Acted as Consultant to define the Canadian Model and subsequently recruited franchisees for their existing and new stores in various parts of the Country.
  • Two (2) Global Petroleum companies. Acted as their Consultant to validate their respective Franchise Model and recruited hundreds of retailers for their new multi-units retail models across Canada.

The following partial list of SME Clients are leaders in their field and we have acted initially as their Consultant to define the Franchise Offer and thereafter in most cases, we are still responsible for franchisee recruitment.

  • Medical Equipment Distributor from Quebec with low investment and full back office support franchise opportunities all over Canada.
  • Health and Fitness retailer from B.C. Opportunities for new stores and conversions of competing stores all over Canada
  • Consumer Financial services from Ontario. Home based business with full back office support opportunities in Ontario at this time.
  • Proprietary unique renovation products based in Ontario
  • Office tower and Food Courts healthy food QSR based in Toronto.

As well, we have worked with existing established franchisors in Food services, retail, professional services, Business to business and Distribution businesses as either Consultants or Franchise Recruiters.

In the field of guiding existing businesses through the process of becoming successful franchisors, Davier Consultants’s expertise is second to none in Canada.




We currently provide ongoing guidance and advisory services to a number of entrepreneurial businesses in both Montreal and Toronto on different matters concerning both General Management and Finance. Some of these relationships extend over many years and are intended to provide entrepreneurs with experienced C-level peer support, without the costs associated of having a senior management structure in-house. We would be pleased to discuss with you if we can provide your organisation with similar tailored services.



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