"Les conseils et l’encadrement de Davier Consultants nous ont permis de concrétiser notre projet de franchisage de notre entreprise. L’expérience et le savoir faire de Davier Consultants ont contribué significativement à l’avancement et à la préparation des documents structurels et légaux.

Vous avez un projet de franchisage? N’hésitez pas! Contactez l’équipe d’experts-conseil de Davier Consultants"

Philip Lacoste, CEO
Atlas Medic

"Our company’s franchising project has now taken shape thanks to the consulting and training provided by Davier Consultants, which contributed significantly to the progress and preparation of our organizational and legal documents.

Do you have franchising plans? Then be sure to contact the team of consulting experts at Davier Consultants!"

Philip Lacoste, CEO
Atlas Medic

"We retained Davier Consultants's services as Franchise Consultants to assist us in structuring our North American franchise strategy. At that point, Yves Rocher was operating over 70 corporate stores in 3 provinces.

The objective was to determine our model in order to expand all over Canada and double the number of locations over the next few years. The second part of the consulting mandate was to help us in determining how to franchise the major portion of our existing stores.

Davier accomplished his initial mandate with great success and guided our management through the entire process: financial, marketing, legal and human resources considerations. Our plan was very well received and accepted by our corporate head office in France.

Thereafter, Davier Consultants was given the mandate to recruit franchisees for both our corporate and future Canadian franchised stores and to continue providing guidance and support to our management team.

In 2010, Michel Gagnon successfully recruited 15 candidates including new franchisees for new stores in Alberta and Nova Scotia and new candidates for some of our corporate units in Quebec. We even recruited five of our best store managers to become successful franchisees. In 2011, our objectives are to franchise 20 stores and we are confident that Davier Consultants lead by Mr. Gagnon will accomplish that goal. In future years, Davier will be an integral part of our growth strategy.

In December 2010, we met with all our new franchisees to conduct a review of our process at this point. All of our new franchisees, without exception, had very positive comments about Mr. Gagnonís work, his professionalism, caring and support through the initial process.

At this time, franchised sales have increased by an average of 6% over the same stores which were corporately owned before.

We highly recommend Davier Consultants to any company interested in converting their business to a Franchise system."

René Desmarais
President and Chief Executive Officer
Yves Rocher North America

"Davier Consultants has been involved in securing external associate candidates for our firm for the last few years. The scope of his work is National and involves becoming familiar with specific business plans for each market selected… These business opportunities typically require a candidate initial investment of 1-2m$ to 3-0m$…. Mr Gagnon remains involved with the preferred candidates throughout this process and has offered many of the prospects his expertise in the area of business plan development.

Mr Gagnon has handled his responsibilities in a very professional manner, he understands the complexities of the various business cases and is able to explain to persons outside the business in a manner that generates interest, understanding and commitment. He has added value to the entire process by recommending ongoing enhancements.

I see Michel as a mature professional fully committed to excellence and a pleasure to work with."

Branded Associate Recruitment Manager, Imperial Oil, Toronto, Ontario

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to write this letter to thank you for the outstanding contribution you made to our company by providing consulting services that helped us facilitate the successful acquisition of our business from the Venator Group....

Your role in making that happen was instrumental. Beside the overall work, in those early stages immediately before and after start-up, you designed efficient business processes and developed the framework for our IS, Finance, Real Estate and Human Resources functions and successfully negotiated with a number of inside and outside stakeholders....

The Bargain! Shop now operates 118 retail stores and has sales of approximately 145 million dollars.

We owe you a lot and thank you for your intelligent, insightful, strategic (yet always practical) advice...."

Michael Roellinghoff, President, The Bargain! Shop Holdings Inc, Mississauga, Ontario (National corporately operated retail chain)

"Medichair retained the services of Davier Consultants to develop a strategy for the Quebec market.

Michel demonstrated his professionalism and capabilities early in the project in his research and comprehensive understanding of our concept.

He developed a number of solid strategies for our consideration. The strategy that we moved forward with was to find a chain of stores willing to reproduce the Medichair concept..."

Stan Murray, President Medichair Canada, Calgary, Alberta (National Franchise Organization)

"Grâce à son expérience très complète dans le secteur de la franchise au Canada, Michel Gagnon a pu nous guider adéquatement vers notre nouveau programme d'expansion.

La pertinence de ses conseils nous apporte une vision plus claire sur la stratégie à choisir et le plan d'action à mettre en place"

Stéphane Breault, président division Café-Bistros Van Houtte Inc, Montréal, Québec. (Franchiseur Québécois, division d'une compagnie publique)

"Mr Gagnon worked as a liaison between our AmeriSpec home inspection franchises in Quebec and our Canadian Home Office in Mississauga, Ontario, for three years. He held monthly meetings with our franchisees and kept us in the Home Office focused on the important issues in the minds of the franchise owners. He spearheaded our sales efforts with many of the real estate sales companies located in the Province. He was also instrumental in developing our overall marketing strategy in Quebec.

Michel was a key contributor in assisting our franchise owners grow their businesses during the time he was involved in these roles "

David Messenger, Vice-President-Market Expansion ServiceMaster, Memphis, Tennessee. (International Franchise Organization, based in the US

"Michel Gagnon has been a consultant to Colour Tech Marketing Inc since August 2001. He was instrumental in setting up our Board of Directors whose mission is to determine our long term goals & strategies, review major decisions and approve budgets and financials statements.

He serves as a consultant on expanding our marketing effort in the Province of Quebec and serves as a liaison for our major clients in Quebec.

Michel is also providing advice and guidance for preparing an exit plan for myself and my partner who are the two shareholders in the company.

In addition, Michel has taken on the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Michel's experience, knowledge, background in marketing and finance has been most helpful to us in growing the company and preparing for the future.

I expect our association to continue to be a rewarding experience."

Robert A Campbell, President Colour Tech Marketing Inc, Mississauga, Ontario (Printing company)

"La présente est pour confirmer le support et le développement que nous apporte Michel Gagnon. Nous travaillons avec M. Gagnon depuis près de deux ans. Il a su depuis, nous aider à travailler grâce à une gestion de budget, de dépenses et de revenus, où tous les niveaux de direction ont pu s'inscrire dans la démarche du budget. M. Michel Gagnon a réussi à nous faire travailler avec un conseil d'administration, et me seconder dans la démarche de devenir une présidente directrice générale. Je suis à l'emploi de Médicus depuis 25 ans, cette compagnie familiale fut fondée en 1958 par mon père et la gestion a été partagée à travers le temps par ma cousine, et mon frère, mon père étant toujours actif dans l'entreprise.

Mon père est un grand entrepreneur, mais la structure autour de lui a augmenté et se doit d'avoir un contrôle et un partage des responsabilités. M.Gagnon est venu nous aider au tout début pour la restructuration de l'entreprise dans le but de créer un système de franchise. Pour ce faire, il a initié un travail de gestion par entité de coûts et de revenus. Il a mis en place un outil, le budget, pour arriver à conscientiser l'entreprise des coûts et revenus spécifiques à chacune de nos activités. Il nous aide à refaire l'organigramme, et à nous conseiller à travers différentes entrevues, du choix de notre personnel de direction. Il a une vision de notre avenir et nous aide à le mettre sur le droit chemin.

Grâce à son intervention, il permet un virage optimal en travaillant avec mon père, moi et l'entreprise. Il supporte le développement de chacune des entités et voit à la formation du personnel de comptabilité et fonction de ses analyses. Il s'assure que tout le personnel qui compose le budget soit au connaissant de leur responsabilité et les défend auprès du C.A.

C'est d'avoir plusieurs as dans notre main que de faire équipe avec Michel Gagnon. Merci sincèrement pour toute cette belle implication."

Jacinte Bleau
Présidente et Directrice générale
Médicus est une entreprise familiale opérant dans le domaine de la Santé : Orthèses, prothèses, souliers, équipement médicaux et pour le maintien à domicile.

"Your experience and recommendations to help you design and structure our Franchise System were exactly what we needed to take us to the next level. You were there personally through phone or email every step of the way. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you.
Thanks again"

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